How Does Our Swimming Pool Get Installed?

Fiberglass swimming pools have the shortest installation time compared to other styles. The basic installation timeline is 2-5 weeks depending on weather and complexity of the project. Stages shown below are what you can expect during installation.

Step One- Layout

Step Two- Pool Delivery

Step Three- Excavation and Pool Base

Once the initial renderings are approved by the customer we can layout the pool in paint. Before any layouts can begin J.U.L.I.E will need to mark underground utilities. Most permits can not be approved until inspector can verify compliance with pool placement to easements and utilities.

Pool arrival, at this point the excavator will remove the pool from the trailer. It will be placed out of the way until the excavation is complete and the pool gravel base is established.

We can break ground and start hauling away spoils from the site. Once site excavation is complete we can set up guides and level the gravel pool base.

Step Four- Pool Setting / Back-filling / Adding Water

Step Five- Plumbing / Utility Rough In

Step Six- Assemble Forms For Concrete

The pool can be lowered into the hole, we will make sure that the pool is sitting level. This can take a few times to get right by lifting the pool and shifting the gravel underneath if needed. The pool will need to be filled while back filling voids around the pool. This will insure the integrity of the pool shell until the pool is completely back filled.

Gas and Electrical can be trenched in. After the utilities have been inspected, the trenches can be back filled.
Wood and Masonite forms can be assembled for concrete. During this process gravel can be brought in for the concrete base. Cantilever forms will be placed around the pools edge and reinforced steel can be laid down. Before the concrete is poured, a bare copper wire is ran around the pool bonding everything near the pool. Thus neutralizing the possibility of electric shock in and around the pool.

Step Seven- Pour Concrete Deck

Step Eight- Form Removal

Step Nine- Equipment Hookup

After inspection the concrete can be poured for the pool deck and equipment pad.
The concrete forms can be stripped the next day. The expansion joints can be cut into the concrete deck at this time.
Equipment can be set into place. Gas line can be plumbed to the heater, electrical to the pump and pool plumbing connected. We pride our self with having one of the cleanest looking equipment installs.

Step Ten- New Pool Orientation

Now that the pool is finished it is time to educate you on how the pool will operate. Since we are a full service company we will go in depth on how to operate and maintain your new pool.