Now that you have decided you want to enjoy the benefits of an inground pool, where do you start? We receive many phone calls with the same excited voice “We want an inground pool when can you come out and look at our yard?” Unfortunately this statement has become common but let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Any contractor has guidelines to follow in order to be issued permits to start construction. These guidelines need to be address FIRST in the process. BEFORE anyone comes out to the residence the proper paperwork needs to be acquired to accurately discuss project plans and goals.

  • Plat of survey is the first document you need to provide showing all building and property dimensions along with zoning setbacks.
  • Sewer and water, are you on a well and septic or city sewer and water? I don’t know how many times we have received calls for pools to find out there is a septic field in the middle of the property. In some cases septic fields can be moved but carries a large expense that most do not want to undertake. If you do not have the septic plat of survey the county health department most likely has one or can direct you in the location of it. If all else fails there are private companies that will mark out your septic field location.
  • HOA or subdivision bylaws that you are able to have an inground pool WITH a pool code fence around it. In some cases the HOA is harder to get a project approved then by the county.
  • Budget for your total project. Keep in mind that this just doesn’t include the pool but in addition to fencing, landscaping, architectural drawings if needed. Once all these documents are obtained or addressed you are ready to schedule a consultation.

Great! Now the proper documents we need to move forward with the process. From here we go through the following steps;

  1. Consultation to establish project details
  2. Quote we have our pool packages laid out in a comprehensive quote for your convenience.
  3. Site Visit to discuss more in depth goals and ideas for the project.
  4. 3D Design the entire project showing you how the project looks completed.
  5. Permits are submitted for construction.
  6. Build let’s get started!

We strongly recommend that you take a look at our pricing information found on our website to understand the cost associated with your goals for the project. With our goal being honesty and transparency during our initial discovery call we can let you know a realistic price range for your project. We have our pool packages laid out in a comprehensive quote for your convenience. Price is not the only determining factor but for many it is no surprise an elephant in the room during consultations. At AquaServ we are here to make your dream a reality without the stress that construction projects can bring. We are here to help make your dreams become a reality, don’t put off another summer call us today!


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