Introducing the Fiberglass Pool Anchoring System By Thursday Pools®

Following Thursday Pools® dedication to quality they have innovated a system that will enable the fiberglass swimming pool to be drained without voiding the warranty. This patented technology is exclusive to Thursday Pools® you will not see this from any other fiberglass pool manufacture. Let discuss why this technology is unprecedented. As rumor has it many non fiberglass installers will try and say that fiberglass pools will just “pop” out of the ground. We have heard this statement more times then we can remember but the facts are pretty simple.

To properly address this statement there has to be some context along with it. These are scientific facts and not salesman propaganda, lets paint the picture. Water weights roughly 8 lbs a gallon so a pool with a water volume of 15,000 gallons has a force holding it down of 120,000 lbs (15,000 x 8lbs). Concrete weights roughly 3,900 lbs per yard (since pool deck size is variable let just use the concrete collar around the lip roughly 3 yards equaling 11,700 lbs). In normal conditions the water table would be lower then the bottom of the pool, there would be no rain thus meaning no water around the pool. Then in fact there is 120,000 lbs of water weight, 3,800 lbs from the pool shell itself, and 11,700 lbs of concrete holding the pool into the ground. Good luck getting this to simply “pop” out. Now lets add a situation of a high water table and heavy rain equaling the amount of water around the pool compared to the volume in it. This would neutralize the condition and with the force of the concrete on the pool lip it will simply stay in place.

Now the rumor it will just “pop” out of the ground. If the high water level conditions exist and you drain the pool the pressure underneath will have to go somewhere. Most likely break the pool bottom or if the pool is strong enough to take it, the pool will rise. Oh and not just fiberglass pools, gunite pools will do this as well. We have NEVER seen a fiberglass pool “pop” out of the ground personally. Not that it can’t happen we have just never seen it.

There are measures in place to neutralize the pressure called hydro static valves. Simply put it is a basic spring valve that will open if the water pressure below the pool exceeds the pressure above it. Therefore letting the water neutralize on its own and keep the pool in place. Many builders have used these valves for vinyl and gunite pools for decades in turn reducing the possibility of these disasters. With different main drains used on a fiberglass pools you cannot simply use this device, until now.

With the Fiberglass Pool Anchoring System By Thursday Pools® it utilizes a Geo-Hydro Valve™ and Geo-Anchor Pool Wall™ that keeps the fiberglass pool in place when draining. Keep in mind before you drain the pool you must contact Thursday Pools® to review draining procedures. Now we can put the rumor to rest, there is a fiberglass pool you can drain without voiding warranty. With both parts of this system it gives you complete control and even more peace of mind for years to come!

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