At this point you want to take the next step toward installing an inground pool. So you call around and gather some quotes and realize that it can be difficult to compare. This is something that we hear quite often, some companies like to offer their products/services at the base line price. This is compared to buying the “stripped down vehicle with no features” or “Base model”. We all know that the majority of people are brought into the dealership on the “base model pricing” but are shown the “Fully loaded model” in advertisements.

We feel that this is a misleading approach to sell swimming pools and we prefer to offer our inground pool package that the majority of customers install. We also combined our package with energy saving products as well as convenience. So when comparing equipment offered from different companies you want to find out a few things;

  1. What manufacture are they using?
  2. Are they offering money saving variable speed pump technology?
  3. Are we getting automation to control this equipment?
  4. What type of filter is included?
  5. Is LED lighting included?
  6. How is the lighting controlled by automation, controller, or switch?

These are all questions that would effect the price. Variable speed pumps save up to 90% in energy costs and normally run about 3 times the cost of a standard pump. Automation is an upgrade from the standard 24hr timer wheel and can be 10 times the cost. Cartridge filters are normally 2 to 3 times the cost of traditional sand filters.

There are only a few big names when it comes to inground pool equipment (Pentair, Jandy, and Hayward). We feel that dealer support and a quality product is first and foremost. We have used all three of these brands with different results. Our personal experience Jandy and Hayward were sub par at best, stocking products and parts had longer then normal lead times which is unacceptable in the pool season. This might not be true in other regions but we have experienced this here. There was also a lack of in field dealer support to help with any issues that may arise. We feel that because of Pentair’s quality product, 3 year extended warranty, infield technical support and plentiful stocking of products and parts they are the best equipment manufacture today.

Now that the pool and equipment have been addressed how does the installation process compare? Is this quote outlining a turn key installation where everything from the pool water to repairing the damage to the yard is addressed so we don’t have any surprises? Here is a list of what items are incorporated into a turn key project;

  • Fiberglass Pool Shell
  • Pool Freight
  • Equipment- Pump, Cartridge Filter, Heater, Automation
  • Sanitizing System
  • Pool Lighting
  • Equipment pad
  • Handrail
  • Water
  • Plumbing of pool
  • Telepole
  • Vacuum Head
  • Wall Brush
  • Pool Hose 45′
  • Chemical test kit
  • Permit fees
  • Project renderings, construction plans or 3D drawings
  • Excavation
  • Backfill
  • Concrete (Broom Finish) 4’ Surround
  • Trucking (material Haul away)
  • Labor
  • Electrical to pool from pad
  • Gas line to heater
  • Electric feed from house to pool panel
  • Topographical surveys if required
  • Landscape Repair
  • Fencing
  • Crane Fees
  • Irrigation Repair
  • Remote access to backyard (Trucks cant get in)
  • Landscaping (trees, shrubs, flowers and mulch beds)

Now that you can see what goes into a swimming pool project it gets a little easier to compare what other companies are offering and the right questions you need to ask to make a truly comparable decision. Keep in mind that there are plenty of more options like automatic pool covers, slides, water features ect, but the purpose of this article is what the majority of customers include into their pool project. The image below will highlight what is included in our pool package and listed below are items that we feel are variable and differ greatly from house to house.

AquaServ Pool Package

The items that are not included in the package are ;

  1. Electric feed from house to pool panel (need measurement from house to pad location)
  2. Permit Fees over $250 (topographical surveys if required)
  3. Landscape Repair ($1,500-$3,000 average)
  4. Fencing ($23-$28 Linear Foot Installed & $250 per gate opening average)
  5. Crane Fees
  6. Irrigation Repair
  7. Remote access to backyard (Trucks cant get in)

Now that you are familiar with what is included in a pool package lets take the next step and look at the pool shapes and decide what works the best for you!